Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stephan Kinsella on Alexander Baker


 Stephan Kinsella September 20, 2014, 5:33 pm Reply
I will not reply anymore to Baker’s various screeds advocating intellectual fascism, since he always deletes them. He has lost my contribution due to his insane advocacy of his pretend little niche. He thinks he has some contribution to make intellectually or artistically but there is no evidence for either but for his insane, embarrassing megalomaniacal braggadocio (I know he’s just a pretend-engineer, but he can look up the words he doesn’t grok). I think Baker is a completely dishonest fraud and thinker of no import whatsoever, and what’s more, I think he has barely enough intelligence to realize this, which is why he compounds the error by adding lie upon lie. He has no argument whatsoever for IP, but he insists on doubling down–to his shame. What a shame. How sad. Shame, Baker, Shame. You’ve become a pathetic advocate of dishonesty, fascism, socialism, and lies. And in the name of some distorted, half-baked version of fake-engineer (for I doubt he is really even a real engineer, though masquerading as one), he adopts the posture of some knowledgeable, truth-seeking person, when the truth is, as is apparent, his just sad, desperate, dishonest, and ultimately intentionally advocating malevolent ideas. And he repeats it over and over–this is the sin or pride, and of self-interested blindedness. He wants to make money doing his alleged craft–so he crafts an elaborate excuse for the laws the he thinks will allow him to do so. He is no different than a government school teacher arguing for property taxes to support government schools. Yet unlike her, he parades under the banner of liberty, sullying it. That is his doing. That is his choice. Baker is evil, and is not a libertarian. He is an exemplar of the reason why we have the drug war, taxes, the state, drones, the whole shebang. Congratulations, Baker, congrats.

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